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Archives for : January2012

Live Recordings from The Roxy

Want to hear us live?  Get a taste.  Go to our music page.  You can continue to browse our site while the music is playing.

We Played The Roxy

I think everyone in the band can agree January the 17th was an amazing night.  We rocked the socks off everyone who made it out to The Roxy.  It was a Tuesday, and we still managed to get a great crowd of support.  Thank you to all our friends for coming out and cheering us on.  Dream come true to play a venue such as this.  Check back soon, we will be posting video from the show (thanks to Clint Wright for filming).  Photos will be coming soon as well (thanks to Nar Ghu – check out his photography on facebook).  There are a couple songs recorded live from that night.  Check them out on our music page.  www.manthewolf.ca/music

The Roxy Jan 17th!


You wanna rock!?

 Of course you do!

 Do you want to stay home on a Tuesday and have yet another boring week!?

 NO!!!! So watch this, and come rock out with us on Tuesday at the Roxy!!


MAN the WOLF Update

After completing the first Demo and accompanying video for the song Libido, MAN the WOLF is rehearsing hard for the three shows coming up in January.  As part of this process we’ll be recording live off the floor to bring our most recent work, including a handful of new, fast and rocking songs to the website for your listening pleasure.  We are planning our next music videos already so stay tuned for more!


The demo is done.  The music video is done.  Now the word must be spread!  www.manthewolf.ca/videos

New Music Video!

Check out our first music video!  http://youtu.be/FTlSeFI4vCA