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Archives for : June2013

CD Release a Success!

Thank you, thank you, thank you… to all our fans and friends who have supported us in getting to this point.

We feel our CD release was an amazing success!

We are honored, humbled and inspired by your passionate response to our love for creating and sharing music.
Thanks to Kicked off the Farm, Rogues Riot and Grizzly Bones… thanks to the Rickshaw… Nick for making the album happen… Nar for the amazing photography… and so many others whose tireless help has brought our dream to fruition.

Thank you Nick Dettman

We’d like to take a moment, in thought of this awesome event coming up for our CD release.
Credit must be given to the man that stumbled in to the Princeton Pub to see a trio of musicians perform a somewhat lacklustre performance due to every member having a cold or flu.
Still it was enough for Nick Dettman to believe our band was one worth spending countless hrs with in the 9pm – 9am time slot at Nimbus recording our EP. If it weren’t for him, these recordings, and this CD we are about to celebrate, would not have happened.

Thank you Nick.  Let’s party!

New song available for download!

We’re in to June.

Just finished filming our new promo video for the upcoming show at Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver on June 21st.  Click Here to see the event on Facebook.  And keep an eye out for the promo that will be posted soon.

The show on the 21st is a big event for our.  It is our official CD release party.  The debut EP is complete and ready for your ears.  We have released one track for free download so you could get a taste.  Now we have another one for you.  In anticipation of a great show at the Rickshaw, check out Teasin’ The Genie.  When you get to the band profile you will see a download link beside the name of the track.  Enjoy!  And don’t forget to ‘like’ our page!