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Archives for : December2013

Railway Show a Hit!

Holy Crap what a night at the Railway last night! The Getmines and Kicked Off the Farm blew us away! Great energy, songs, sound and musicianship. The support from all the fans was truly wonderful. We made some new friends and bonded with old ones. Thanks everyone. Have a safe, happy and rockin’ New Year!

the Kozmik Zoo is awesome.

We had a great time last night at the Kozmik Zoo! The Grindhouse film Death Force was ridiculously fun… especially watching it with a group of rowdies cheering and laughing all the way (hahaha). We had a ton of fun on stage afterwards too… at one point, after Cliff and Eric each got hit with drumsticks intentionally thrown by Carlo Cliff proceeded to finish the song playing his guitar with said drum stick and Eric kicked over a cymbal stand in retaliation! Hahahaha….

It was great fun. Did we mention the venue was awesome and they have a great menu?

New Promo Video!

This is a beer challenge.


Then, come Tuesday to the Kozmik Zoo.

Dec 10th 2013 at The Kozmik Zoo

Another last minute show!

It’s an evening of testorterone and kicking ass!!! DEATH FORCE the movie vs MAN the WOLF the band!!! This movie and many more can be found at Vancouver’s amazing Videomatica (http://videomaticasales.wordpress.com/)

8:30pm Dec 10/13 at the Kozmik Zoo (http://thekozmikzoo.wordpress.com/)