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Archives for : February2016

March 11th, Media Club!

Check this out! Another killer show to announce!
We are right jacked to share the stage with We Hunt Buffalo!

They are Europe bound and this show is going to help fund that. So open up them cheque books and get some tickets in advance! Let’s make sure these dudes can afford plenty of beers abroad.

Also on the bill is Owlface! Its their first show and given the guys in the band, you can be sure they will not disappoint!

CLICK HERE for tickets!!

New Song!!

We have released a song from our upcoming album.  The song is called ‘Skies and Sun’

We have also announced another killer show!  March 11th we play the Media Club with We Hunt Buffalo!  Very excited to share the stage with these dudes.  They rock!  And they’re raising money to play in Europe, so come out and help them get there!

CLICK HERE for tickets!