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MAN the WOLF …

…Is a dynamic and powerful three-piece rock band with riff roots, heavy fuzz, operatic tendencies and a commanding energy.


Cliff Thiessen – Guitar/vocals: Cliff learned to play guitar growing up in the circus under the guise Redbeard the Sasquatch… he has since given up his carnie ways to pursue and research hair removal techniques and shredding on guitar.
Eric Fortin – Bass/Vocals: Eric honed his powerful vocal prowess singing in the church choir… he quit going to church when he stopped sinning altogether and no longer saw a need… now he fights evil with his dark bass fuzz and haunting vocals in the church of his twisted mind.
Giancarlo Laertini – Drums/vocals: Giancarlo was found as a baby at the base of a sand dune in Saudi Arabia and he grew up a slave, forced to play percussion for a harem of beautiful Bedouin belly dancers… since his rescue he has not smiled once… unless on stage as part of MAN the WOLF.
How, when or where the three drifters met remains a mystery even to them but early recordings and faded photographs suggest they have been together for at least half a decade.